Sunday, March 9, 2008

Easter 08

There's your Easter 08 wallpaper, it'll go up in the Bonus at the end of the week with all of its friends.

So some of you already know, but I'm taking some time off, hopefully some of my friends'll come through with guest comics when it is convenient for them to keep everyone entertained in the mean time.

This isn't some cry for help, I'm just taking time off to go back and redo Volume 1 of my comic in printed form. It'll be episodes 13-67 and there will be limited copies. When I'm done you'll see the option to pre-order up on the site, then Volume 2 will start. I'm not setting a date, because I don't like to set dates, but I've already started, I just couldn't do both at the same time.

So expect another archive reorg soon (I do listen to you all), and later a printed Volume 1 and starting on Volume 2. Thanks all for sticking with me and the comic. Have a great week.

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