Thursday, January 31, 2008

Portal of Questions #2 is up

Lots more of the site has been updated this week. Check out the new Characters page and the new Archive page and ... if you haven't seen it... the new Links page. Also on the top right is the Portal archive. Also this frame is wider, yeay!

Yep! My archives are separate! Pretty sweet huh? As soon as POQ gets bigger, it'll get a real archive page too... Probably every 10 pages I'll just do a little bookmark... Np!

Metaplace's first dev chat/alpha stress test was tonight. It was amazing. I even have a screenshot of it. Here it is... I was the 10th person in the world from the public to experience Metaplace... Pretty cool huh? If it was easy to do that, imagine how awesome the TBOWL rpg is going to be!!!

Anyway, talk to ya'll Sunday night. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Episode 68 is up!

Here it is, episode 68! I don't have a second archive up for my first Portal of Questions, but incase you missed it, here is its temporary holding place... I have some cool ideas for it, I just need to get a 2nd archive working...

Well it has been a really busy week. I completed not one, but two guest comics this week. They will be up within the next couple of weeks and you will hear about them here first!! They are both really really cool, and you'll love them!

I've redone a crap-load of the site. I cleaned up the forums, redid the links page, redid the archive page. (It's a real archive now?!?!) Yea, it doesn't just go to the navigation now, it goes to a REAL ARCHIVE.

Metaplace hitting live is looming ever closer, I'm going completely nuts waiting for it. The 31st there'll be a dev chat that is going to decide everything, and the client is supposed to get opened up very soon after that, (within a few days I hope).

What else. I did sooooooo much over the weekend. You'll just have to look around and see I guess.

Ok that is it I guess. Thanks all for reading! Ttyl!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Portal of Questions #1 is up

Finally after a long time of planning and thinking and asking other webcomic experts. Here is tbowl's very very first single panel update. It is going to be happening every Friday, and should keep yall tided over while I work on my episodes over the weekend.

I know I have done single panels in the past, either for guest art, or because I've been having real life issues, but I've been doing really good for a long time, and I'm really caught up and just having a blast. Sooo.. Here you go! Single panel update, every friday!

All you have to do is email me any questions about the tbowl universe (in character) and I'll put them up on the site. Please use common sense and just keep it in character and stuff. My comic isn't a blog. :P

Anyway, I can't think of anything else. I'm still madly plotting a TBOWL RPG for when metaplace comes out. (Will be beta within a few weeks, per their site) So look very very very forward to that. My plans for it are just amazing.

Also I finished a guest comic for a very popular webcomic last night. Look forward to that within a month or so hopefully. You will be very impressed. :D (It takes me about a month to do each one... so... If you want one, please ask WAY in advance...)

Ok! That's about all I can think of. Good things are ahead. Thanks very very very much as always for reading.

Talk to ya'll later,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Episode 67 is up!

Hi All. New episode is up.

I also wanted to let everyone know I was in episode 7 of The Webcomic Beacon last Friday. I hang out with FES and Tanya during 15 minutes in through 45 minutes in. We had a really good time. We talk about the webcomic awards, and all kinds of other fun comic-related things.

I hope all of you will visit back on Friday for a special announcement. (It's good, I promise...)

Thanks all for reading and please tell your friends.

I hope to see all of you on Friday...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Webcomic beacon ep. 7 is up!

The Webcomic Beacon Check it out, I even have an impromptu part where I talk for a bit in it. For some of you this'll be the first time hearing me talk! OOoooo scary!!

Thanks to Fes and Tanya for having me on board!!!

New things are coming to the site, so stay tuned.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Episode 66 is up!

Thanks all for reading, hope you like it and don't forget to tell your friends!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Episode 65 is up!

This's the first episode of 2008 and I tried to kick it off with a bang.

As soon as Metaplace hits beta I will be working on TBOWL Quest (working title) and a lot of the planning and ideas and how the engine'll work and stuff has already been figured out'n stuff so all I'll have to do is start! So look forward to that. I know I am.

Also, if any of you out there still use IE 5.5 or IE 6 for some reason, please update to IE7 or Firefox. I'm no longer going to spend anymore of my time/energy trying to fix the PNG's on my site. It is taking up valuable time/energy that I don't have. So please, just upgrade.

Forum stuff... The forums have been totally dead... I post in there a lot and there's all kinds of fun stuff that you'd otherwise never know because it'd all be too long to post here. (This's supposed to be short!) So please check that out. Registering is easy and it is completely spam-free!

That's about all I have for now. Have a happy fun and safe New Year and hopefully your resolutions are remotely obtainable!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

TBOWL Guest comic up at WWWC!!!

Well, its new years (happy belated new years by the way) and in celebration Evil Couch put up a TBOWL guest comic up on his site. Check it out!! (Beware the swearing. :P )