Sunday, April 27, 2008

74 is up!

74 is up! A new Webcomic Beacon is up. I have a guest comic dropping on a friend's site within two weeks. I'm going to try to get my comic sent for its 1st print this week. As soon as I get that back pre-orders will start.

I can't thank all of you enough who stayed with me through this break I took... I promise the next time I go to print you won't even see a delay, but I really wanted this to be the last time I tried to print Volume 1, and the only way I could do that is if I threw a ludicrous amount of effort at it. I wanted there to be no doubt in my mind that it was the best possible work I could do without a complete restart of the series, and I spent way too much time on episodes 13+ to justify a restart.

So anyway. Thanks again. Read my forums, I post lots of fun stuff on there, no spambots.

I think that's all I got... Mario Kart Wii and the new steering wheel are a blast. I highly recommend it.

Have a great week! 50 billionth website reorg coming soon probably!!!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008


As you can see, the site has been re-designed for the 50 billionth time. Above you see the coverpage for vol. 2. I hope you like it. I'm going to be ramping up the time invested in the drawing of volume 2 so I hope everyone sticks around.

Thanks again for being patient, thanks everyone for their guest art. Anything I get from this point on I am going to be locking away for a rainy day, so thanks again for everyone that has helped with that. I couldn't have done any of this without you, (and still kept any visitors..)

So, the state of Volume 1 printed version. It is done except for about another hour of cleanup then it will get sent off to the printers to make sure it is actually going to look as awesome as it is supposed to.

As soon as that happens, I'll put a link up on the site for everyone to start their pre-orders, then once I reach a certain amount I'll do the orders and ship them out.

There is going to be three versions of the comic. Normal, signed and signed with sketch. I'm not 100% sure on the prices yet, so I'm going to save that until after I get my proof back, which'll probably get sent out within the next few days, then 2 agonizing weeks, then I get my proof back, then I'll put the link up to start the pre-orders!!!

Oh yea, those skyscrapers you see are put there by me now. I axed the project wonderful skyscrapers. People steal the ad space by canceling just before they owe .01c and were kicking everyone else off that were legit and so I handpick each one now and put it up myself. So if you want yours up, drop me an email. They go up for a week and I ask nothing in return.

Also, I know I haven't done one for a while. A buddy of mine needed a guest comic, so I did it! I'll post here as soon as it drops! Should be in about a week! Horray! Ya'll like it a lot!

Thanks again for all of your patience, I can't wait to start volume 2. Thanks again tons and tons and don't forget to listen to the podcast I co-host, The Webcomic Beacon (link on the left.)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sorry, no new episodes or guest comics yet. The image on the front page pretty much says it all. Don't worry though, nobody's going anywhere, just super busy trying to get caught up.

Also I'm the new co-host for the webcomic beacon. Link there on the left. Go check it out. It is me and Fes and Tanya and we have a blast talking about all kinds of webcomic-related stuff.

Volume 1 knows who is going to print it now, just finishing the front page and a special inside page that is top secret that nobody knows about and also waiting for an ad for the back cover from someone special.

Check out the Bonus page and check out the forum... There's tons of content on the site, just gotta browse around. I'm really really sorry there isn't some kind of new episode guest or otherwise. Hopefully very soon. I expect to be caught up with a new episode of my own in hand within two weeks.

Thanks always for your loyalty and dedication.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Guest Comic #4 is up!

This great comic is from Spearr from TNT Comics!!! I really really like it and loves its nod to Diablo and also its funny (but sad) to see Future Paladin get scammed but I'm not surprised that it happened! He gets distracted easily and is all about improving his light radius!

Thanks again Spearr! I only have two more guest comics to go and then it is time to officially start Volume 2!!!

Volume 1 is ready to print except for the cover page and is going to be 52 pages long. It features eps 13-67, some touched up panels, some completely redone frames, reorganized pages and some completely new frames! These panels will not -ever- be posted on the website. The only way to see this new content is to buy the book. Pre-order link and price-guide to be posted as soon as I get a print in my hand. I'm only doing pre-orders this time up to a certain $, and then probably ordering a little buffer, and that will be it for a really long time...

So I hope that gets some people excited. I wouldn't even have bothered doing this if it wasn't going to be really special.

So thanks all that helped me get the time off to complete it. In the next two weeks I'm going to be putting the finishing touches on volume 1, getting my proof and starting volume 2 so here is to many, many more years of TBOWL. Thanks all for your support.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Episode 18 of TWCB is up!

Hi All. Ep 18 of TWCB is up. (Link on the left.) I did the guest art for it, and we talk about guest art for the whole show. So check it out! The Web Comic Beacon is a 1hr podcast where all of the topics revolve around guest art. We have a lot of fun. So hope you listen in.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guest comic up on Debasement

My last guest comic that I've done has dropped. It is on Debasement. The comic itself is safe for kids/work but the rest of his site has a lot of skin, so don't go there at work or if skin offends ya. The link should be safe for a week or so, or you can check it out in the forum too.

I just got done recording a new Webcomic Beacon episode titled Guest Art with Fes and Tanya. That is going to drop Friday, I think ya'll are realy going to get a kick out of this one. I even did the fan-art for the episode. You'll hear it here first when that ep drops.

Anyhew that's about it. Hope everyone had a safe April 1st.