Sunday, April 20, 2008


As you can see, the site has been re-designed for the 50 billionth time. Above you see the coverpage for vol. 2. I hope you like it. I'm going to be ramping up the time invested in the drawing of volume 2 so I hope everyone sticks around.

Thanks again for being patient, thanks everyone for their guest art. Anything I get from this point on I am going to be locking away for a rainy day, so thanks again for everyone that has helped with that. I couldn't have done any of this without you, (and still kept any visitors..)

So, the state of Volume 1 printed version. It is done except for about another hour of cleanup then it will get sent off to the printers to make sure it is actually going to look as awesome as it is supposed to.

As soon as that happens, I'll put a link up on the site for everyone to start their pre-orders, then once I reach a certain amount I'll do the orders and ship them out.

There is going to be three versions of the comic. Normal, signed and signed with sketch. I'm not 100% sure on the prices yet, so I'm going to save that until after I get my proof back, which'll probably get sent out within the next few days, then 2 agonizing weeks, then I get my proof back, then I'll put the link up to start the pre-orders!!!

Oh yea, those skyscrapers you see are put there by me now. I axed the project wonderful skyscrapers. People steal the ad space by canceling just before they owe .01c and were kicking everyone else off that were legit and so I handpick each one now and put it up myself. So if you want yours up, drop me an email. They go up for a week and I ask nothing in return.

Also, I know I haven't done one for a while. A buddy of mine needed a guest comic, so I did it! I'll post here as soon as it drops! Should be in about a week! Horray! Ya'll like it a lot!

Thanks again for all of your patience, I can't wait to start volume 2. Thanks again tons and tons and don't forget to listen to the podcast I co-host, The Webcomic Beacon (link on the left.)

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