Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sorry, no new episodes or guest comics yet. The image on the front page pretty much says it all. Don't worry though, nobody's going anywhere, just super busy trying to get caught up.

Also I'm the new co-host for the webcomic beacon. Link there on the left. Go check it out. It is me and Fes and Tanya and we have a blast talking about all kinds of webcomic-related stuff.

Volume 1 knows who is going to print it now, just finishing the front page and a special inside page that is top secret that nobody knows about and also waiting for an ad for the back cover from someone special.

Check out the Bonus page and check out the forum... There's tons of content on the site, just gotta browse around. I'm really really sorry there isn't some kind of new episode guest or otherwise. Hopefully very soon. I expect to be caught up with a new episode of my own in hand within two weeks.

Thanks always for your loyalty and dedication.

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