Sunday, January 27, 2008

Episode 68 is up!

Here it is, episode 68! I don't have a second archive up for my first Portal of Questions, but incase you missed it, here is its temporary holding place... I have some cool ideas for it, I just need to get a 2nd archive working...

Well it has been a really busy week. I completed not one, but two guest comics this week. They will be up within the next couple of weeks and you will hear about them here first!! They are both really really cool, and you'll love them!

I've redone a crap-load of the site. I cleaned up the forums, redid the links page, redid the archive page. (It's a real archive now?!?!) Yea, it doesn't just go to the navigation now, it goes to a REAL ARCHIVE.

Metaplace hitting live is looming ever closer, I'm going completely nuts waiting for it. The 31st there'll be a dev chat that is going to decide everything, and the client is supposed to get opened up very soon after that, (within a few days I hope).

What else. I did sooooooo much over the weekend. You'll just have to look around and see I guess.

Ok that is it I guess. Thanks all for reading! Ttyl!

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