Thursday, January 31, 2008

Portal of Questions #2 is up

Lots more of the site has been updated this week. Check out the new Characters page and the new Archive page and ... if you haven't seen it... the new Links page. Also on the top right is the Portal archive. Also this frame is wider, yeay!

Yep! My archives are separate! Pretty sweet huh? As soon as POQ gets bigger, it'll get a real archive page too... Probably every 10 pages I'll just do a little bookmark... Np!

Metaplace's first dev chat/alpha stress test was tonight. It was amazing. I even have a screenshot of it. Here it is... I was the 10th person in the world from the public to experience Metaplace... Pretty cool huh? If it was easy to do that, imagine how awesome the TBOWL rpg is going to be!!!

Anyway, talk to ya'll Sunday night. Thanks for reading!


Cuppycake said...

Thanks for stopping by Tbowl =) We're glad to see people are as excited about Metaplace as we are!

Can't wait to show you more =)

tbowl said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much! Believe me I want to create my game soooooo bad I'm going nuts! I can't wait! Thanks for stopping by. It is so cool and such a great surprise. I looooove metaplace and I tell everyone.

Talk to you later!