Sunday, December 9, 2007

Episode 62 is up!

We have a new blog area, right here! I cleaned out the forum a little bit, and this'll also be where I put updates and stuff now. The forum was getting so cluttered. :< So I cleaned out areas where nobody's posted in a while...

New archive coming soon! Probably going to use iStrip or something. It isn't exactly the easiest thing to do but I'm on my last nerve with Drupal, so yea. I wanted to get that up today, but it just didn't happen, so hopefully next week's update!

There's a new desktop wallpaper in the Bonus section, so go check that out...

I'm thinking of doing a one frame *bonus* update for Fridays... We'll see how that goes. I know the story is going sooo slow, hence why I amped up the frames this week, otherwise for even the body of the actual story to mature is going to take 10 years, soooo yea. Anyway.

Thanks as always for reading, talk to ya'll soon!

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