Sunday, December 16, 2007

Episode 63 is up!

Hi all! So many changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, if you see the old episode, hitF5 (refresh) to see the new episode!

Second of all, hit Archive! Holy crap! What is that?!?! IT'S A NEW ARCHIVE! Done the right way!!!!! I finally caught up with the times, and have a real archive. Thank SomeryC for that. The install, setup and config were easy once I cleared my head a little bit.

So what else. 8 frame episode?! How cool is that! Kind of reminds you of the old days huh? It is kind of an homage of sorts to my original epsidodes 2-9 where I crammed as absolutely much content as a could, with little regard for the art. :( Well. Hopefully everyone likes this art. I like it a lot. I know it isn't drawing everything by hand, but I couldn't do that anymore and actually be able to do anything else, period.

So, what else. Webcomic Beacon mentioned TBOWL in their latest episode. Thanks for the shoutout Tanya from Betapwned!!! Webcomic Beacon is a really sweet podcast about webcomics! This week they even have a blurb this week from my buddy Evil Couch from Worlds Worst Webcomic!!!!! Woot!!!

So it's just a whole deal! So yea, as everyone knows, this month symbolizes the 2 year mark. I still can't believe it has been 2 years. It is so humbling to still have ya'll as readers and enjoying the comic. And the site growing is just so exciting too. It is a ton of work, and a lot of the blood sweat and tears are totally transparent, but who cares, cuz the site is awesome!!!!!!!

Wow, I don't even know what to say. Just thanks tons and tons everyone.

I guess the only other thing before I go, I know the links in the Commentary in the new Archive are broken, I just need to remap those, will only take me 2 sec, just had to get all of this up, so probably tomorrow on that. Anyway! So long of a post, here I am rambling again.

Oh yea. Got my two week notice at my job on Friday. It might be time to finally get a full length TBOWL cartoon. :D :D

Talk to ya'll later!

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