Sunday, March 23, 2008

Guest comic 2 is up!

Hi all! This great guest comic comes from a good friend of mine, Dumb Bum from Minos the Minotaur!!!

He has been following my comic for quite a while and one thing that both of our comics have in common is that we both use the same comic creator! Horray! I really like his comic too and I am proud to have a link to his site up on my Link's page.

I really like the color of this comic and the paladin and trees look great! This comic has also inspired me to have an actual castle out in the ocean in my story at some point! Maybe a castle with a certain minotaur in it!!!

Anyway his environment just looks great. I really like it. It is hard to explain but some people are just really great at making their drawing look like it was drawn after an actual place, and this is one of those drawings.

Thanks again Dumb Bum and look forward to more great guest comics from my friends!

My re-work of Volume 1 is coming along nicely but I'm still not ready to put a time-frame on it so anyone wanting to make a guest comic for me still has tons of time.

Thanks all for the support, guest comics, guest art and icons. It is all going up in the Bonus section as I am slowly letting it trickle out. So if you don't see your stuff in Bonus, you will very soon. :)

Thanks again all! If you have a guest comic idea or have any questions just drop me a line, I would love to help.

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